OCTO conpleted her maiden voyage across the Vaal Dam successfully! Milton, Dawie and Danny took her across the dam in fine style and berthed her at Pennant Nine, where she will stay for a while before completing her long sea voyage to Rotterdam.


Congratulations to Milton and Gerald for all their inspiration and perspiration!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Three wise men


Actually,two wise men and one wiser lady, relaxing the day after the quiet launch.

A set back

There has been a temporary setback, and the launch party hard to be cancelled because the boat won’t float!

when we tried to put it in the water at the Vaal dam, it slid slowly into the water instead of floating so the designers are back at the drawing board to make modifications.

So, watch this space for updates on their progress and hope that it will soon be ready to float away