A set back

There has been a temporary setback, and the launch party hard to be cancelled because the boat won’t float!

when we tried to put it in the water at the Vaal dam, it slid slowly into the water instead of floating so the designers are back at the drawing board to make modifications.

So, watch this space for updates on their progress and hope that it will soon be ready to float away


8 thoughts on “A set back

  1. Oh no! So sorry to hear this. You must all be very disappointed. Please give my best wishes to Milton & Gerald. Holding thumbs that they’ll sort it out soon. Love Vonni

  2. Hi Gail,
    Quel dommage,
    Gail do you know what the new plans are – like kind of – as I was about to get tickets to Amsterdam,
    hope the boys are not too disappointed,
    let me know,
    love to you and Milton,

  3. Merde alors ! Jean-Alain et moi sommes en pensées avec vous à défaut de pouvoir venir donner un coup de main plus concrètement. Amitiés et grosses bises à nos deux ingénieurs ! En espérant que cela ne va pas bouleverser vos plans pour l’été !
    Frédérique et Jean-Alain

  4. Oh merde alors ! Holding breath and hoping that things get sorted. What a disappointment for G and M but I know that nothing fazes them, and I guess that soon it will be gliding happily along. Helgs and I still hoping for Amsterdam ! Lots of love to you all. Mary

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