On the way at last…Wednesday 5th June.


After she was released from the customs, OCTO was escorted by the police to her berth at a wonderful marina, so we will be on board tomorrow, yay!


6 thoughts on “On the way at last…Wednesday 5th June.

  1. Astonishing photograph. Will need to see one of you holding a Rotterdam newspaper with today’s date on it, if we are to believe this entire ludicrously improbable story of pinoche- building in darkest A, shipping across oceans etc. Even the Marines wouldn’t believe it….

  2. Hi Gail
    I’m delighted for you all and wish you an amazing adventure over the next couple of months.

    I’m really sorry to have to bring Kalk Bay problems onto the blog but please tell Gerald that he
    must please act on the email I sent him in connection with Santam who won’t proceed without his authorization. I’m going to send it to your email address as well so that he replies before he gets caught up in sailing from tomorrow onwards.

    Something urgent has to be done – I’ve got a very damp and smelly home – and I leave here in a few days . . .

    Many thanks

  3. She looks very important being towed by that giant tug. So glad the voyage over went well. Gerald have you got your IPad operational?
    Love Mar

  4. Gail,
    what a pleasure to have you as the narrator – always a laugh in there somewhere.
    How will we communicate with you when we get there on the 18 to know where you are?
    I will email Dad also with this question,
    See you soon,

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