Sitting on the dock of the bay……


Well, we are on the water in a marina called Fokhaven, no comments please, eating brood en kase, drinking wine and getting ready to leave soon.

The weather is spectacular so far, warm and sunny, the wine is cheap, for which Gerald gives thanks, the baguette is great and the cheese is wonderlik, for which Milton gives thanks.The people of Rotterdam are so friendly and helpful and make life very easy for us.

For those who keep asking for our itinerary….follow the blog!


11 thoughts on “Sitting on the dock of the bay……

  1. Sounds magnafique – as does the particular haven you have chosen to dok in .. Whats the latest on the throttle?

  2. Is this how to “follow the blog”? Frankly speaking I don’t do blogs, but Normie and I are really interested in and impressed by wot u have achieved and where you are going…… SO, I must be one who is “keeping asking”: wot is yor iterineriayreeary?? Please can you post it on this website, complete with map? Or, if it’s not yet cast in stone, just give us an idea of dates and places you’re contemplating…..Have fun. Love from me and Normie.

  3. Delighted that you’re off to a good start . . . Enjoy!
    This is my last day in Cape Town so we’ll be able to compare adventures soon!
    Love, Vonni

  4. Bon voyage! I am in awe of this vision being realized by the 3 of you. I wish I could see Milton’s face. Go safely and look out for each other. Damn I’m envious – what a fab adventure! Lots of love Bruce, Colette and Nina

  5. You seem to have BLUE SKY nochal …unlike UK. Am off to France now for two weeks but will be in touch with Helgs and following yr blogs on my iPhone. Keep us posted ! Enjoy all that cheese and beer….xxMary

  6. Hi, this is Alex again. as one of the previous commentators, I don’t know much about “follow the Blog”, can you give some instructions?
    We hope you have a wonderful time and all is well with the Octo Crew and Barge.

  7. its difficult for me to visualize where you actually sit and talk to each other and have a drink and another and maybe get pissed. where do you do that. a picture would be nice.

  8. ok i managed to log in and we also sent a mail to Gail before I realize that I can write comments here. so do read the mail Dad just wrote to all of you.
    my dad says:
    I envy you guys. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Wow guys, this whole adventure looks incredible so far!! Where you off to next?
    Love the Ringlers(Written by James)
    P.S I am looking forward to seeing you in Punta Cana!

  10. Hello! I hope you are having a lovely day, the weather is not that great, but, with high spirits and good wine, you will be fine. Do we see you in Amsterdam?

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