Something strange has happened to the crew…..!



8 thoughts on “Something strange has happened to the crew…..!

  1. I have been reading all your blogs, but the latest one has me stumped! I don’t understand the cryptic message “something strange has happened to the crew”. Help!!!!

  2. They do have kinky artefacts and other products in the Netherlands, and even the art galleries can mislead you – tho not a lot of people know this. I hope you’re all Normal soon…

  3. HUH? Alice in Wonderland didn’t make you drink anything did she? Am in Deutschland at Lake Constance, which is fed by the Rhine…any cruises this way in future?
    Have fun in great proportion!!

  4. So good to see you all like this and missing you all and all that Octo is.
    What a wonderful thing you have created and so happy to have been a part of the maiden voyage with all that it was. Luminous memories now fill my days, Rotterdam, Delft,
    Leiden, Haarlem ( so lovely )
    Its rather like, as a friend of mine once said after she had visited us in France for a weeks holiday and found herself having to make concrete all day ( at least she was able to wear her bikini ) that she was sure when she returned ” retrospective falsification ” would set in she would remember it as a fantastic time.
    We did all have a fantastic time and thank you, thank you, thank you, for the great adventurers you are.
    niki and james

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