Stage two

imageHerewith the two B blog one b stands for bicycle the other for baguette and it all unfolds one year after stage one which was practically one tear ago so arriving in Maasrticht we found Octo covered in cobwebs and lacking lights in about half the boat so as Milton doesn’t believe in lazy barging holidays we were put to work he and dawie made keels and I had to rewire half the boat THEN the bike we had aboard a foldable beauty which cost 1800 rand was stolen along with 10000 other bikes that day (that’s official) a week later we sailed for Namur to meet Gail who was arriving from a luxury cruise to a beat up barge we then had to wait in Namur for the arrival of Milton’s son Paul ( here from America for three days only) and to give him a small barge trip we motored from Namur to Dinant 30 km via 6 locks a beautiful town where we celebrated my 86th with chateau Neufdu pape donated by the crew however we noticed a drop on steering on the return to Namur ,,one prop gone and with a eta in Namur we needed to know our speed with only one engine so we used the ancient mariners system ,,,the log,,, with Paul at the stern and me at the bow with half an old baguette we timed the boat and it was faster on one than with two so that’s the one b,,at dinner that night we realised that the bill equaled one bicycle so from then on all meals were measured in bicycles a two bicycle meal or a quarter one , no Michelin stars and that’s the other b. Gail and Milton leave tomorrow and will be replaced by two old female friends of Cecile’s years in ICRC and the three of us will head slowly down the Meuse towards France

Different strokes….

Different strokes….

20140609-180241-64961521.jpgWhile the men are working hard to get OCTO ship shape, or should we say barge shape, Gail has found herself a different kind of barge in which she is travelling down the Rhine in style….


A new journey begins

12F08471-7279-4D3E-B871-7E0341ED537D.pngA ¬†working team, consisting of Milton, Gerald and Dawie, arrived this morning in Maastricht to board OCTO ¬†after she spent the winter in T’Bassin, where we left her last year. They found her in good shape and will spend some time adding new keels and doing some maintenance work before setting off to Belguim and France.

There will be many guests coming and going during her travels in the next 3 months, so watch out for our blogs from now on. Gail will join the crew on 15th June after she does a leisurely cruise down the Rhine on a very much bigger boat!