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16 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Octo Team,
    Unfortunately we could not do the cruise due to floods, so we are in SA.
    Possibly will have short holiday in SA, planning tp go to the Holyland by end-July.
    Missing You, have a good time / Orna & Alex

  2. Wonderful that you are under sail so to speak. Great to see the pictures. Asked Gerald how I could contact him – Ipad or such, but as no word will now wish him a happy birthday and feel certain that there is nothing that could give him more pleasure than what he is doing right now.
    Have a great day and enjoy being with family and good friends. From the frozen north we send love and good wishes. Mar & Gordon

  3. Whooping with joy and a million hallelujahs to hear your maiden European voyage almost underway (even if it will only be 5k’s to Delft!). Behatzlacha, makorokoto and felicitations to Team Octo ie, eg Mort, Gheraldo and Gailie! x

  4. Hi Milton and Gail, wishing you bon voyage in your luxurious cruiser. Following your blog with interest. Enjoy. Mike and Lidia

  5. Happy birthday Gerald! It looks fantastic, hope you are still getting your daily constitutional and not sitting on your arse all day xx

  6. Many happy returns Geraldozinho!! Have a good one.
    Enjoying Gail’s blog. No criticism intended, but would love to have a basic idea of your itinerary; e.g. approx dates and places in France. Anyway, it’s a brilliant achievement – well done guys!
    From Dave and Normie

    • Love your blog. Come on it a bit late but great to see the boat in its element. Nick and Sally came to lunch and we drank a toast.

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